Blogmas 2020

Blogmas is a blogger challenge to finish up the year where you blog every day for a whole month. Some people follow prompt calendars, and some just go freestyle writing about whatever they like. It’s a great way to round up your year, sharing some of your great tips, resources, and experiences over the past year; because wow what a strange year it’s been. 

If you want to join in we’ve set out our BVAN Blogmas plan below, please share your blogs with us and we can share them on our networks. We’ll also be sharing through Instagram so use the #BVANBlogmas2020 so we can find and share your posts.

December Blogmas Prompts

  1. Say hi! – When was the last time you introduced yourself to your audience? Now is your chance. 
  2. Ways to help – List ways you can help your client during the holiday season.
  3. Decoration – Show your favourite festive decoration, does it have a story or history?
  4. Podcasts – Your must listen to podcasts for entrepreneurs
  5. Gifts – Perfect last minutes gifts for VAs 
  6. Desk View – Behind the scenes of your business. What you’re working on, where you work from etc.
  7. Planning – How to plan your content/sales/admin for the holidays
  8. Showcase- Discuss a current or past project you worked on and it’s success
  9. Interview – Interview someone your audience will relate to, another business leader, or client. 
  10. Productivity – Share your productivity hacks/ apps/tips
  11. Books – 6 books for female entrepreneurs to read over the holidays
  12. Balance – Work life blend, what do you offer to help your clients get it.
  13. Home Work – Your guide to work from home during the holidays or do you take time off throughout? 
  14. Christmas jumper day – crack out your best Christmas sweater and do a festive style post for Christmas jumper day.
  15. Tools – What tools did you use most in 2020?
  16. Gratitude – What have you been grateful for this year?
  17. Bake Off – Share your family’s best cookie recipe/ family food tradition
  18. Naughty and Nice –  Do/Do not comparison list for business practices in your niche.
  19. Mental Health Check – How to take care of your mental health during the stressful season
  20. Winter Walk – Photo essay or talk about your favourite Winter walk 
  21. Solstice – Shortest day of the year. Share your time saving tips. 
  22. Inspirational Folk – List your top 10 to follow on your favourite platform.
  23. Selfcare – What do you do to relax?
  24. My Gift to You – Free printables to help your audience get organized/ stay sane/ practice self care over the holiday season
  25. Merry Christmas Toast – Thank 3 VAs in your industry/thank your clients/thank who got you through the year.
  26. Planning – How to plan your year ahead? 
  27. Trendy – What will be the future trends (in your industry) for 2021
  28. What’s popping – Share a specific service, product you will launch or offer in 2021. Book now offer/discount
  29. Wish List – My 2021 business wish list
  30. Resolutions – Do you set them or not? Discuss the options or even set yours out for the year ahead. 
  31. Round Up – New years Eve Round up /10 amazing things that happened/ Stay in touch 

We look forward to reading your posts.

Amanda & Gwen