5 top tips on how to help your clients in the run up to Christmas

Five Ways to Help Your Client During the Holiday Season

Send them a list of useful dates.

Important dates, special days of interest, posting days and helping them set their opening and closing times over the festive season are all useful to them, but also great for your forward planning.


Check they have organised their Christmas Cards and Gifts.

If you don’t undertake this task already and they’re running behind you offer to solve this for your client and save them valuable time. Once they realise their time is better spent on their business rather than doing this task it could become part of your regular yearly service. If it’s not something you are interested in doing yourself consider taking on an associate for the task, it’s a great way to collaborate. 


Start planning for January

It can be a surprisingly busy month and I expect nothing less for 2021, most businesses will be wanting to make up for lost time, and there will be a renewed positivity pushing people to go big. This is especially important if they are running big January campaigns, events or sales. Do they have everything they need to complete these tasks ordered? If you can discuss working ahead with your clients it will help keep them organised and stress free knowing things are in hand and ready to go. 


Discuss the B word.

Whether you like it or not Brexit is on the way and may seriously affect your clients business, especially if they trade with EU member countries. Can you help them create a contingency plan? There is a lot of useful information on the Government’s website here and you could signpost clients to this site, or relevant agencies. 

Set your boundaries.

Let your clients know what hours and times you’ll be working over the holiday season, if you are taking extended time off, or being covered by a different assistant. This is a good way to enforce the boundaries between yourselves, as well as promoting having a work life blend, which should be as important to your client as much as yourself. If you both know your cut off dates for scheduling work then it will take the pressure away from you both to enjoy the season.