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Before being added to our VA Directory, our Virtual Assistants have to pass strict criteria.  This is in place so that you can be sure that you will be contacting an experienced and professional VA who adheres to the correct legislation and practices to enable them to offer you the best service possible. 

You can view our criteria on our ‘Join Us’ page.

Before contacting a VA via our Directory:

  • Virtual Assistants are just that, they work from their own offices and with their own equipment and are self-employed with other clients.
  • Hiring a good UK Virtual Assistant should cost you anywhere between £15-£35/hour but you will only pay for the hours which the VA is completing tasks on your behalf.  If you contact a VA on this list, please do not try and ‘barter’ them down in price or ask them to work on a commission only basis, a VA’s prices are set carefully and for good reason.
  • This list MUST NOT be used for marketing purposes.  Anyone doing so will be reported to ICO and will be deemed to have accepted our terms of business at £1,000 per unauthorised use. 

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