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Borderlands VA Network was founded in 2016 by Gwen Backhouse and Amanda Ryan, both experienced, award wining Virtual Assistants.  Their aim being to support all Virtual Assistants in the English/Scottish Borders from those about to start through to those who want to grow their businesses. 

Both based in Cumbria, there was a time where there were very few Virtual Assistants within the county and that is something they both wanted to change. Since then there has been more virtual assistants popping up within the county and along the Borders.  With Gwen and Amanda’s main motto being ‘collaboration, not competition’ their aim is to ensure that Borderlands VA’s all get to know each other so they can support one another and help each other to grow their businesses.

Society of Virtual Assistants Approved Trainers

We are also proud to say that we are Approved Trainers with the Society of Virtual Assistants, meaning we offer a professional service that meets all the SVA’s criteria – you can find us on their Approved Trainer’s Page

About Amanda Ryan & Gwen Backhouse
About Borderlands VA Network

Collaborating and getting to know other virtual assistants is such an important part of being a VA.  Collaboration within the industry allows you to grow your business, offer continuity of service to your clients, support when things get challenging and keeping up to date with changes in the industry. Support when building a business is essential and by collaborating you can build a supportive network around you enabling your business to thrive.

About Borderlands VA Network

Borderlands VA network will be one of the core professional education and support groups in our area for virtual assistants, helping to grow our industry and enable professional virtual assistants to build a sustainable business by offering a professional and high quality service.

About Borderlands VA Network

Borderlands VA Network aims to enable virtual assistants in the Borderlands area to support one another, share knowledge and raise the professional profile of the virtual assistant industry.

We will accomplish this through open source knowledge and resource sharing, professional quality training materials, providing a supportive and safe discussion platform and mentoring to help VAs to set up and grow their businesses.

About Our Founders

Gwen and Amanda met in 2014 and have been collaborating ever since.  Whilst growing their own businesses they realised that growing a virtual assistant business in Cumbria was challenging and available VA support didn’t quite cover the quirks and target audience within the county.  They therefore set up the Cumbria VA Network to help others in the area to start and grow their businesses, the interest then grew and the Cumbrian VA Network turned into the Borderlands VA Network.  Gwen and Amanda still run their own VA businesses whislt also managing the Borderlands VA Network.

Amanda Ryan

Amanda Ryan

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Gwen Backhouse

Gwen Backhouse

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Expertise you can count on

All our resources, courses and workshops are written and produced by highly experienced, industry award-winning and professionally endorsed business owners.  All have run successful business for no less than 6 years each and they are still actively working in those businesses.  So you can be sure that any course you take with us is of a high quality and that you are being taught the skills used by successful business owners.